No LifeGuard on Duty!
Every year countless deaths occur due to drowning, and there is no good reason for it! You can teach your children at a very young age how to swim. With my 10 years of experience as a swim coach and Director of Aquatics at the YMCA, I have extensive knowledge and techniques for teaching your child how to swim and be safe in and around the water.
You can benefit too.. at least once a month I meet someone who is afraid of the water. What if your child fell into a pool, you wouldn’t be able to save them.
I have packages for everyone, take a look at my pricing page for more information.
Swim Lessons...
the best investment for you and your children
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Parent/ Child (6 months -3 years) This is a 30 minute introduction to the water. You will learn how comfortable your child is in the water. This includes blowing bubbles, face in the water floating on back and pool safety.
Pre/k (3-6 years) This is an hour class where he or she will learn basic breathing, body position, arm stroke and kicking.
Youth (7-18 years) This one hour class includes Crawl Stroke, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke and Butterfly will be introduced. Fun and variety are part of the repertoire, and water safety is taught.
Adult (18 and up) This is a one hour class for beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. For beginners and intermediate swimmers they will learn stroke development breathing and kicking and work into other strokes. For advanced swimmers or those who wish to swim competitively, stroke technique and refinement. For those doing triathlons technique and endurance will be taught.